“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” -Mahatma Gandhi

There is a little cub in the background 🐯

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I want to stain your lips with my name
So even if years later we aren’t kissing each other,
Girls will still taste the love we had Sundayyymorningsss (via sundayyymorningsss)

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Anonymous: I just asked if you were gay but I educated myself hehe :P you don't have to answer again... And you're so fiiine boy ♡

I know sorry if I seemed rude! That’s fine thanks for the message 😊


Mee :) Benjemanwells.tumblr.com

So this is how I look recently

Am I cute now? 😊

idontfindyouthatinteresting: We're predicting feb/march 2015 for new Hannibal x

Oh awesome!! Thank you for that! Your a star! 😎

Anonymous: Can we see your girlfriend puhleaseeee? ☺️

Yeah of course! I reblogged a picture of her a little bit down her tumblr is Thinkofthehappiestthing.

iknowyouwontbelieveme: You're so fucking fine, damn boy 😜

This may sound random but when I saw your little picture thing I thought you were Nev from catfish aha. But thanks 😊 sorry to be random 😋

Anonymous: Are you gay ?

The answer is not as simple as the question. My views are a little complex.. But read a couple answers bellow and you should find your answer 😊

cubanol: You are a very handsome boy :) ... Do you prefer boys or girls? And obviously do not say you don't fall in-love with genders cuz I am not talking about falling in-love... ;)

This may sound strange to you but I really have no preference. Interesting people are my type. I have a gorgeous girlfriend in my life right now 😊 but I have no preference to boy or girl or what ever the person is. I’m a Pansexual if you wanna label me✌️

Anonymous: What kind of girls do you like? Because my lord you are super duper attractive lol

Well I currently have a partner 😊 who is very interesting so I guess I just find interesting people who open up my curiosity attractive. I also find people with a cool style pretty cool! Fashion sense helps too 😊

illuminatorian: my god you are gorgeous. Not just saying that in an 'omg your perf' way. But seriously you're stunning looking

That’s okay don’t worry I didn’t think you were saying it in a OMG PERF PERF way aha. Thank you though 😊 your kindness is nice to hear! 😌

davalabas: Man, you're so classy I wanna see you on that Burberry outfit you're talking about for your wedding with Harry. Can I invite myself to the ceremony or would you kick me out of the office?

It will be a open wedding so everyone is invited 😊 the suit will be perfect 😉 so no you won’t get kicked out you would be welcomed aha.